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NameMotion Picture Producers and Distributors of America incorporated database
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Descriptionen,fullThe MPPDA Digital Archives consists of a database of the extant records of the General Correspondence files of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., covering the period from 1922 to 1939. Established in 1922, the MPPDA was the trade association for the motion picture industry, and included all the major companies producing and distributing motion pictures in the United States in its membership. The association was popularly known as the Hays Office, after its first President, Will H. Hays, who remained office until 1945. Hays was a leading Republican party politician, who resigned from President Warren Harding's Cabinet to take up the MPPDA position. After Hays' retirement, the association was renamed the Motion Picture Association of America. The documents in the MPPDA ís General Correspondence files are an immensely rich source of information about the history of the motion picture industry. They describe the organization and operation of the industry's trade association, and include extensive correspondence and other documentation relating to industry policy and public relations, distributor-exhibitor relations, censorship and self-regulation. The great majority of this material is unavailable from other sources. Grants: * 1997, 1998, MPPDA Archive digitisation and database development. Flinders University Establishment Grant to digitise the microfilm of the MPPDA Archive and develop a publicly accessible database. * 2000, 2001, Reforming the Movies: A Political History of the American Cinema, 1908 - 1940. ARC A00104524
Rights StatementThe database is publicly accessible, at Access to scans and transcripts of the archive documents described in the database is restricted to bona fide researchers, at the discretion of the Flinders University Special Collections Librarian. The database website will direct users to a form on which they may apply for permission to access the material, which is password-protected. Acknowledgement of the Flinders University Library Special Collections must be made in all publications using material from any of the manuscript collections. The Library reserves the right to keep records of usage of the Collections.
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TitleSticks, Hicks and Flaps: Classical Hollywood's Generic Conception of its Audience
Identifier (uri)
NotesSticks, Hicks and Flaps: Classical Hollywood's Generic Conception of its Audience, in Identifying Hollywood's Audiences: Cultural Identity and the Movies, British Film Institute, London, 1999, pp. 23-41
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TitleIt Happened One Night: Comedy And The Restoration Of Order
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NotesIt Happened One Night: Comedy And The Restoration Of Order, in Film Analysis, eds Jeffrey Geiger and R.L. Rutsky, WW. Norton, New York, 2005, pp. 216-37.
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TitleGoing to the Movies: Hollywood and the Social Experience of Cinema
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NotesGoing to the Movies: Hollywood and the Social Experience of Cinema
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TitleWhy Boys Go Wrong: Gangsters, Hoodlums and the Natural History of Delinquent Careers
Identifier (uri)
NotesWhy Boys Go Wrong: Gangsters, Hoodlums and the Natural History of Delinquent Careers, in Mob Culture: The American Gangster Film, eds Lee Grieveson, Esther Sonnett and Peter Stanfield, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, 2005, pp. 41-66.
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TitleThe World According to Hollywood, 1918-1939
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NotesHow Hollywood homogenized the world.
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TitleTo Prevent the Prevalent Type of Book: Censorship and Adaptation in Hollywood
Identifier (uri)
NotesTo Prevent the Prevalent Type of Book: Censorship and Adaptation in Hollywood, 1924-1934,? American Quarterly, 44;4 (1992), special issue on Hollywood, Censorship and American Culture, 554-583; republished in Movie Censorship and American Culture, ed. Frank Couvares, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996, 97-128; republished in Film Adaptation, ed. James Naremore, Rutgers University Press, 2000, 79-105
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TitleThe Americanization of the world
Identifier (uri)
NotesThe Americanization of the world. In HOLLYWOOD ABROAD: AUDIENCES AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE. London, UK: British Film Institute, pp. 1-20
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TitleThe Spectacle of Criminality
Identifier (uri)
NotesThe Spectacle of Criminality, in Violence and American Cinema, ed. J. David Slocum, Routledge, New York, 2001, pp. 117-52
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TitleMore sinned against than sinning: the fabrications of pre-code cinema
Identifier (uri)
NotesMore sinned against than sinning: the fabrications of pre-code cinema. Senses of Cinema, 29 (Nov.-Dec.)
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TitleHollywood cinema
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NotesHollywood cinema
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TitleHollywood abroad: audiences and cultural exchange
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NotesHollywood abroad: audiences and cultural exchange
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TitlePublic Enemy
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NotesPublic Enemy, Senses of Cinema 29 (Nov-Dec 2003)
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